What is a Beer Spa?

A Beer Spa is a unique spa treatment because it provides a unique sensation by soaking in a bath tub containing Beer with special ingredients for bathing. Treatment is carried out for 90 minutes: Includes: ritual foot, body scrap, beer bath, body message and unlimited craft beer to drink during treatment

Why is Beer Spa so good for skin and hair health? What ingredients are used?

The ingredients used are wheat, yeast and hop flowers.
The benefits for the body are for skin rejuvenation & softening hair; improve symptoms of skin disorders such as exzema / dermatitis, acne & blemish, can improve blood circulation, relax tense muscles, detoxify and reduce stress.

Is the beer used for cleaning the same as the beer you drink?

Beer to be consumed is beer that has been fermented & cooked where the process takes about 5-7 weeks so the taste of the beer is very good because of the settle down (stable) nature of the beer.
The beer used for soaking is an active ingredient of hops & yeasts which is not suitable for drinking (the beer is still entering the initial process / the beer is not yet cooked).

Is there a time limit for soaking in beer?

The ideal time to soak in a beer is 15 to 25 minutes and it is recommended not to rinse after soaking to get the maximum benefit. Soaking in beer should not be longer than the specified time because it can cause dehydration

Who can do beer bath treatment?

Beer bath is suitable for men & women aged 21 years and over.
Not recommended for pregnant women & people with high blood pressure.

Is the beer bath temperature also influential to maximize the treatment results?

The bath is heated to a temperature between 36’c to 40’c to get the maximum treatment results. After finishing the beer bath it is recommended not to rinse for several hours.

Are the spas for a couple only? Or are they shared?

The entire Spa Village facility will be exclusively yours during the procedure; after an introduction by our staff, you will be left in privacy during the actual treatment (Private Room)

Are the tubs drained and clean after each use?

Of course, we clean the tub after each procedure.

When can I make a reservation?

Reservations can be made at any time, no later than one day in advance

Are there special packages offered?

All special packages that we offer can be seen on the promo page

Is there a package that includes the ferry ticket price?

No, but we can help to book the ferry ticket (contact us for the ferry ticket price) and reservation by using the ferry ticket is minimum two days in advance.