Body Massage

Balinese Massage

Balinese massage techniques are gentle and aim to make the patient feel relaxed and calm throughout. The techniques include skin folding, kneading, stroking, and other techniques. The massage therapist applies almonds oil throughout the massage. A patient’s blood, oxygen and energy flow is said to increase due to the treatment.

60 minutes – Rp. 230,000
90 minutes – Rp. 280,000

Aromatherapy Massage

Slip into relaxation with this essential oil based massage. Aromatherapy massage can promote a general state of well-being, calm and soothe the mind, helping to lift the mood and reduce feelings of depression. Bonus: You also come out of this massage smelling really good.

60 minutes – Rp. 250,000
90 minutes – Rp. 300,000

Village Massage

Massage is an experience of touch that will harmonize your body’s energies. This massage procedure is a customized blend of deep tissue massage, passive stretching, acupressure and swedish long strokes. The massage promotes general relaxation, improved circulation, improvement in the range of motion and relieves muscle tension. It is a time tested metabolic and immune system booster.

90 minutes – Rp. 280,000
120 minutes – Rp. 350,000

Village Herbal Massage

The Herbal compresses are being steamed throughout the treatment giving off the most amazing aroma & keeping the herbal compresses very warm to help you relax. Feel the relief as heated herbal compresses iron out the tension in your muscles & joints making you feel good as new. It is quite an experience to feel the deeply relaxing, penetrating heat from the hot herbal compresses. The use of the blended herbs has been scientifically and medically proven to be of benefit to the body’s wellbeing.

90 minutes – Rp.300,000
120 minutes – Rp. 400,000

Village Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage has to be one of the most enjoyable and relaxing therapeutic massages available. Velvety warm stones applied to your back and spinal meridians melt away muscle tension and awaken your nervous system for a wonderfully relaxing massage. The stones provide comfort, warmth, increase circulation, increase lymphatic drainage (toxin removal) and improved blood flow to tissues.

90 minutes – Rp. 320,000
120 minutes – Rp. 420,000